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Parent Support

The caregiving demands of a child with special needs can easily become overwhelming.  In addition,  parents commonly deal with feelings of isolation, guilt, grief, anger, a need for information, and concerns about the future.  We offer support sessions as well as a chance to meet others who are dealing with the same challenges.  Nobody should have to go it alone!   

Parent Quest 

SHARE offers Parent Quest once a month in both Midland and Odessa.  Discussion topics are determined by those present.  It is a great way for parents to make lasting friendships with others who understand.  Join us, meet new friends, talk or simply listen in a safe and supportive environment. 

NICU Support 

One in every 10 babies born in the U.S. is admitted to a newborn intensive care unit (NICU) because of premature birth or another medical condition. This is a very scary, confusing, and difficult time. The challenges, issues, and emotions these new parents face can be extremely overwhelming. The hopes and dreams parents have for their baby are put on hold. Parents begin a journey that is full of uncertainties, but they are not alone.  

We provide items to help their hospital stay more comfortable.  We lend a listening ea,r and can help parents make connections with other parents who have dealt with similar situations, as well as other resources in the community because nobody on this journey should have to go it alone.  

Mom's Night Out 

SHARE hosts special outings for our mothers.  These evenings have been known to include make overs, Zumba, painting, target practice at the shooting range, and more.  This amazing community of women always have a blast together and SHARE staff enjoys the opportunity to treat them.   

Father's Network 

SHARE hosts special outings for our Dads too.  Evenings may include target practice at the range, local sports games, movies, sibling activities, and more.   

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