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One in every 10 babies born in the U.S. is admitted to a newborn intensive care unit (NICU) because of premature birth or another medical condition. This is a very scary, confusing, and difficult time.

The challenges, issues, and emotions these new parents face can be extremely overwhelming. The hopes and dreams parents have for their baby are put on hold. Parents begin a journey that is full of uncertainties, but they are not alone. SHARE, along with Texas Parent-to-Parent and FMH, has trained local parents who have had babies in the NICU to be Support Parents.

New NICU parents are matched with Support Parents who understand what it is like to have a baby in the NICU and special needs children. They offer insight, wisdom, and emotional support in whatever capacity necessary (by phone, individual support face-to-face, group support, email, etc.) 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

SHARE also provides sensitive and engaging educational materials including supportive books, brochures, informational movies, and available SHARE programs for all family members. Connect with special parents. Let's begin the journey together! 

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