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Sometimes brothers and sisters of children who have disabilities feel they are the forgotten members of the family. They share many of the same concerns their parents have including isolation, a need for information, guilt, concerns about the future, and care-giving demands. They also face issues that are uniquely theirs including resentment, peer issues, embarrassment, and pressure to achieve. 



SHARE wants to give our amazing siblings the support and attention that they need.  



Sibshop is a national program that provides siblings with peer support and information, thereby allowing them to know that they are not the only youngsters who are in this situation. Once a month, SHARE staff and volunteers, many of which are adult siblings, facilitate Sibshop, where siblings can talk about their concerns and assist one another to discover new coping techniques. Social and recreational activities are planned to help forge friendships in the sibling community. In the summer, Sibshop turns into a 3 day Sibcamp (days only). 



SHARE is a licensed Sibshop facility for the West Texas area. You can read more here about the origin of Sibshop as well as connect with other siblings. If you’re outside of West Texas you can find a Sibshop near you by clicking here. 





Jan 26 – Sibshop (Sat) 

Feb 23 – Sibshop (Sat) 

Mar 13 – Day Camp (wed) 

Apr 9 – Sibling Day (Tue) 

May 11 Sibshop (Sat) 

Jun 12 – Sib Fun in the Sun (Wed)  

Jul 30-31 – Day Camp (Tue/Wed) 

Aug 1 – Sib Camp 

Sep 21 – Sibshop Odessa 

Sep 28 Sibshop Midland 

Fri – Nov 15 – Sibling Celebration 

Sat – Dec 14 – Christmas Party 

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