Sharing Hands Respite Experience

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What does S.H.A.R.E stand for? 
Share is an acronym for Sharing Hands a Respite Experience.  

What does Respite mean? 
The term respite {res-pit} means relief.  

Why does SHARE exist? 
Many great organizations in the Permian Basin provide services, therapies and educational opportunities for children with special needs.  At SHARE, we are dedicated to supporting the family members that care for a child with special needs.  When familial relationships are intact and each member is happy and healthy, the end result is better long term care for the child with a special need.   

What is respite care? 
The term respite {res-pit} means relief.  Caring for a child with a special need can be overwhelming.  Managing a child with a special need can take time and attention away from other children, a marital relationship, friends/other supportive relationships, as well as special interests and hobbies that enrich a person's life.  But together, we can lessen the load.   By caring for children, we give parents a chance to rest, care for themselves, cultivate supportive relationships and do other things they enjoy.   

Do I qualify? 
To qualify, we require a disability diagnosis from a reputable pediatrician or school district.  The child with special needs must be 18 or younger.  Conditions we accept include but are not limited to: Down Syndrome, fetal alcohol syndrome, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, muscular dystrophy, autism, and other physical and developmental disabilities.  All programs are offered to families that quality.  A participant is a child with special needs along with parents and siblings as well as any other care givers in the home.   

How do I apply? 

  • Contact our program director and provide the child's diagnosis from the school or physician. 
  • When eligibility is confirmed, look for the email containing the link to the online application forms.  This form requires health, behavioral and insurance information.   
  • Meeting - This will take place in our office.  Please bring completed application form as well as the documented proof of diagnosis.  We review your application form together and formulate any necessary action plans.  During this time we provide a detailed explanation of services, and what we need from you to in order to make your experience with SHARE the most rewarding.   
  • Services start after all information is collected and necessary action plans completed and confirmed. 

What services do you offer? 

  • Respite Care – Gives parents a gift of time to focus on themselves and a break from caring for children.   
  • Parent Support – Provides parents a chance to meet others in similar situations and a chance to be heard by those who understand. 
  • Sibling Support – Siblings of children with special needs have concerns, and responsibilities much like their parents.  Sometimes they can feel like the forgotten members of the family.  SHARE helps address these issues and more using a nationally recognized curriculum for guided discussion.  We also collaborate with local adult siblings for panel discussions.   
  • Family Celebrations - Our seasonal themed activities and gatherings give special families a chance to  celebrate together in a non-judgmental environments that is friendly and considerate of special needs.   
  • Counseling – Sessions with a licensed and trained professional at one of our partner agencies are made available to our family members. 

How much does it cost? 
All services are provided free of charge to families who qualify.   

How are you funded? 
We depend on the generosity of our community.  Our investors include charitable foundations, corporations, individuals, and the Texas Department of State Health Services.   

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