There are many ways to help SHARE and volunteering is one of the biggest. SHARE needs volunteers to do many different things in order for our organization to serve these special families.

To volunteer for SHARE, please download the age appropriate volunteer application at the bottom of the page and then contact us at 432.818.1250 or email We also offers a free, NO obligation tour at any of our activities that you can schedule by contacting our Volunteer Director at the above number or by email.

We accept all volunteers aged 13 and up. We have events and activities every month, year round, in both Midland and Odessa. We offer Texas Scholar, Teen Court, Legacy hours as well as general community service hours for National Honor Society, AVID, Students in Philanthropy, and so on.

All volunteers get to pick where they volunteer and who they want to volunteer with. Volunteers are allowed to bring children aged 0-12, at 13 the volunteer children are accepted as volunteers themselves.

The four main ways to volunteer for SHARE are on Respite Nights, Sibshop days, Parent Support Group nights, or our SHARE Family Events.

  • Respite Nights:

Working/playing with kids in a special care room, the nursery, or the sibling room. You can also help by running the craft room or our sensory room. We offer lots of volunteer opportunities on these nights including: running (doing odd jobs throughout the night), greeting parents and running our KidCheck electronic system, setting up and cleaning up the volunteer meal, taking pictures, and so on. For a complete list see the link below marked “SHARE task descriptions”.


  • Sibshop:

Working with siblings in craft projects, games and leading small group discussions. Adult siblings are especially welcome to volunteer at Sibshop events.


  • Parent Support Group:

Working/playing with the children. This is a great way to “get your feet wet” especially if you only have a few hours in your schedule.


  • SHARE Family Events:

Helping set up, run, and clean up during our family events such as our Valentine’s party, Easter egg hunt, Back to School party, swim parties, etc.


Don’t Forget: We SHARE…. Do You?


Adult (18+) Volunteer Application Link:

SHARE requires volunteers 18 years of age and older to submit their information for a background check through this ministry opportunities link:

Adult Volunteer Application

Youth (13-17) Volunteer Application Link:

Youth Volunteer Application Packet


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